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This is actual feedback from customers who have stayed at our hotel.B

Thank you for all your help this year.

I really appreciate all of your support. I've been blessed with great weather, met wonderful people, and enjoyed myself everyday. Additionally, I'm looking forward to seeing you all this time next year, so I'll carry on doing my best! Thank you so much for everything.
Social conditions are terribly severe at present, but I pray for the prosperity of "Hotel Taira" and thank you for your warm-hearted support
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Tokyo - Mr. Y

For the past few years, the Ys have been stayed with us for pro baseball camp-ins. We are also looking forward to the camp-ins.
Thanks for the great feedback :D

So that's why I don't wanna stay anywhere but Taira!™

After catching an influenza while I stayed in Okinawa, when I made a call to reservations, the person at the front desk asked "has your flu got better? are you okay?", and it really impressed me - I wouldn't stay anywhere else!

A very happy comment came from a Mr. Kai who often stays with us.
As his words made our staff very proud, thank you.