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Staff Introduction

Staff Introduction

I am Satoru, the head chef of Heiketei. I'm energized!!

I'm waitress Shizuka. Mensore~ (meaning "Welcome" in Okinawa's dialect)

I'm Matsugawa, the administrative lead.

I'm Kinjyo, the manager. I been working here for ○○ years.

This is Kiyotaka, the manager of Heiketei. What you have in your hand is a "wintermelon". :D

I take care of the hotel rooms. My name is Eiko (*^_^*)

I'm Tommy, of the Heike Pavilion. Sometimes I have a bald head!

Haitai!(Hello!) This is Masami from Front Desk.

I'm Suzuki, from the front desk. Please call me Miiko!

I make breakfast. My name is Sat-chan (*^_^*)