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March 13, 2010
Discount Offerings Extended by Popular Demand!

Our 3-Day Early-Bird discount special (limited number of rooms and dates available) will be extended until Wednesday, April 28. Not only that, our 7-Day Early-Bird discount special (limited number of rooms and dates available) including meals will be extended until Friday, July 16.

Don't miss out! Reserve today. . .

☆Exam Success!☆ Lodging Plan to Assist Students Preparing for Exams

For students who have worked hard for many days ...

Hotel Taira supports Entrance Exam Students. (*^_^*)

For one guest, including breakfast, only 5,555 JPY (Parents / older siblings traveling together are the same rate)

☆☆☆Exam Success Special☆☆☆

(E) Early check-in at 13:00 (normally 16:00)

(X) Exam Success "Cherry Blossom Tea" Welcome Drink

(A) Lamp stand for free

(M) Free Victory Curry the day before the exam!

We will support you in other ways as well.

Only available for a limited time, so please hurry to make your reservation.♪

January 22, 2010
☆ Meet the Whales ☆ Whale Watching Event

Every year at this time humpback whales venture to these coastal islands for their honeymoon, to raise their young and to mate. Why not come and see? Enjoy whale watching with your friends, family or your special someone. (*^_^*)

There are two trips scheduled per day; the total trip time is three (3) hours.

 Trip 1: Departs 9:00 A.M. Returns to Port 12:00 P.M. Trip 2:  Departs 1:00 P.M. Returns to Port 4:00 P.M.

Please contact this hotel for details: →(+81) 098 - 868 - 4515

January 11, 2010
7-Day Early Bird Two-Meal Discount Special (limited number of rooms and dates available)

Major Sales offering for our customers.♪♪

Include breakfast and dinner at only 5000 JPY per person!!

And already includes tax!♪

For business travelers and sightseers, the ultimate deal!

Reserve soon as the number of rooms available are limited.

* This offer is available until February 28, 2010.

December 16, 2009
The Early Bird Discount Special - No. 3!

By popular demand, we've brought back the "Time limited Discount Special"

Offered for single and twin rooms only!

Preferred early bird discount available for making reservations up to three (3) days prior.

Single room, normally 4410 JPY is now 3150 JPY!

Twin room, normally 6930 JPY is now only 5250 JPY!

Please make your reservations now, this offer is available until February 28, 2010.

* This offer cannot be combined with our point service or any other discount service coupons.

July 7, 2010
[Limited Time Offer] Discount Specials Available!

Okinawa is in full swing in rainy or summer seasons! Great news for everyone.

For a limited time we are offering discounted suites.

Single rooms, normally 4410 JPY, now only →3150 JPY

Twin rooms (single occupancy), normally 4725 JPY, now only →3675 JPY

Twin rooms, normally 6930 JPY, now only →5250 JPY

Triple rooms, normally 8505 JPY, now only →6300 JPY

There are a limited number of rooms and dates available so make your reservations soon!

* Click on "Campaign Info" from the home page to login and apply.

June 6, 2009
Renewal of the Reservation Page♪

Our renewed and updated Reservation Page will come online on July 1, 2009. It will host member registration as well as a mobile version of the website. Please don't forget to add us to your Favorites.

Notice of Father's Day Fair 

Right now, we offer a Father's Day Fair. We have a special gift for male guests who stay at our hotel during the fair (6/17-6/21). Please call us for further details. We will be waiting for you♪♪

Our homepage has been renewed!

We hope that you will continue to choose Hotel TAIRA for your stay.