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Experience history and genuine service. Hotel description and directions

Our hotel celebrates its history and genuine service.

Hotel Taira is the oldest Business Hotel in Okinawa.
Since 1975, it has been operating in what is now the Matsuyama area of Naha, Okinawa.
iYou can view images collected from that time until now in our gDevelopment Historyh page.j

While watching the streetscape change greatly, and Okinawafs image and business environment change greatly too, we have been proud to offer hospitality to visitors to Okinawa.
Amongst this history, what has kept up the charm of Hotel Taira is the gheart of hospitalityh. Consideration to customers as individuals, and special attention.

We believe that the long tenure of our staff reflects how important we believe this is.

[Photo] Our founder at the time of opening: Kiyokazu Taira / Hotel Taira at the time of opening / Heike Pavilion at the time of opening

If you have visited us even 10 years before, please do let the staff know. Maybe there will be a staff member who remembers you!
Also, wefve recorded the individual comments of our staff members on this homepage. Please have a look to see if a staff member you know is still cheerfully working with us!

As wefre an old establishment, our facilities are also classic, and there is much virtue in this.
For example, the lights in your room are classic lights that you canft often get the opportunity to see in modern hotels. However, the various emotions, Okinawan nostalgia and historical importance herein is part of what makes Hotel Taira special.

During our 30+ years operating, we have come to be cherished by many customers.
In the future as well, we will always strive towards a hotel environment that can be cherished, so we hope that you will always remember your stay with us fondly.

Convenient for Business Travelers

The Hotel Taira is conveniently located with easy access to prefectural offices, Naha city center, the new urban center, and is within easy reach of the monorail.
We are committed especially to providing for our guests traveling to Okinawa a breakfast to start their business day smoothly in the morning.
Fully equipped wireless Internet service in all rooms and in the main lobby (free of charge)
We will back up your business life in Naha and all of Okinawa!

¡International Avenue (Kokusai Doori): 10 min. on foot, 2 min. by car
¡Prefectural offices: 20 min. on foot, 5 min. by car
¡New Urban Center: 25 min. on foot, 5 min. by car
¡Kencho-mae Station (station located close to monorail) : 5 min. on foot

Convenient for sightseeing

Hotel Taira is located nearby National Highway no. 58. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the entrance to the expressway.
Naha is convenient for accessing all of the main island as well.
Also, the hotel is located within the heart of the Matsuyama business and shopping district, so there's ample nightlife nearby.

¡International StreetF10 minute walkA2 minutes by car
¡Shurijo CastleF20 minutes by ca
¡ Okinawa's Chura Umi AquariumF90 minutes by cariusing Okinawa expresswayj
¡Nago CityF70 minutes by cariusing Okinawa expresswayj
¡Okinawa Peace Memorial MuseumEHimeyuri MonumentF40 minutes by car

Itfs convenient to get to the islands!

Only 30 minutes on boat from Naha, the Kerama Islands (Tokashiki, Zamami and Aka, etc.) compete at numbers 1 and 2 for the title of worldfs most crystal clear ocean.
From the giant coral, whales, and manta rays, to the beautiful fish, itfs an amazing sightseeing spot.
From the port, Hotel Taira is only a 5 minute walk. To divers as well, and to anyone who wants to admire Okinawa mainlandfs beautiful sea, our hotel is in a fantastic location.