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[ Limited Time / Limited Number! ] For Cheap Plans, go to the Reservation Page

Arrive at our popular destinations and extend your stay.

Cheap plans! [For a limited time / limited number ] (until 2/28/2011)

During the promotional period:

Single room, normally 4410 JPY→only 3150 JPY per person

Twin room, normally 6930 JPY→only 5250 JPY per room

Please hurry to make your reservation, as there are only a limited number available!

Applications limited to three days prior.(>_<)

*Please note: Member rewards or any other discount ticket can not be used with this offer.

- Discount for early booking! - [Limited time / limited number of rooms] Bargain priced plan includes two meals --- Go to Reservation Page

A Huge Discount Sale for Our Customers!!

Back by popular demand, you have until 2/28/2011 to make a decision!

Breakfast and supper included ... only 5000 JPY per person!

Special Discount for Early Booking - 3 days prior. Please hurry, the number of available rooms is limited!!

*Please note: Member rewards and any other discount tickets cannot be used in conjunction with this offer.(>_<)

*Please note: The photograph shows an example of the evening meal. It may change, depending on the day.

Introducing the long term plan!

Save money by staying long term! The long term plan has begun.

W planiPerfect for preiods of more the seven days!j

1 person single 7 nights/8 days ¥28,000 (tax included) complementary breakfast

2 person twin 7 nights/8 days ¥38,500 (tax included) complementary breakfast

M plan (Perfect fro stays of 30 days or longer)

1 person single 30 days ¥75,000 (tax included) complementary breakfast

twin 2 person 30 days ¥120,000 (tax included) complementary breakfast

PointP@no deposit, key money or utilities fees!

Point2@equipped with laundry corner

Point3@all rooms equipped with free wireless internet!

simportant pointst

Room fees must be paid in advance. Please make your payment when you check in.

Please fill out an agreement form and present photo ID at check-in time.

It is our priciple to not give refunds for reductions in nights or canceletions after check-in.

Can not be combined with stamp service or any other service certificates.

Rooms will be cleaned once every days.


Guests staying under our long term plan can use the parking at the following reduced fees:

W plan ¥2,940

M plan ¥6,000

For details please contact the hotel →098-868-4515

Now renting bikes!

Rent-a-bike has begun.

Bicycles are good for the environment and moderate excersice that si good for your health too!

Available Times: 7:00am ~ 9:00pm

Usage Fee for 1 day: ¥1,000@6 hours: ¥500

Even better, these are electrically assisted bikes.

Why not feel the warmth of the Okinawan wind and gallantly explore the neighborhoods of Naha city?

Welcome Service

Now offering a Welcome Service.

Feel free to call us

Area: Hotel Taira⇔Monoral's Miebashi Station

Pick-up time frame: 3:00pm ~ 8:00pm

Phone: 098-868-4515