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Breakfast Information

Hotel Taira is committed to providing a good breakfast.


Hotel Taira is committed to providing a good breakfast.
We believe in providing a hearty breakfast for our guests who have come all this way to enjoy all that Okinawa has to offer.
The menu is simple, but the flavor, ingredients, nutritional value and cuisine are carefully selected with our guests in mind.
The trend of recent years is for business hotels to simplify their breakfast. In our case whether our guests are visiting for business or pleasure, we consider meals we serve are very important. We will continue with our commitment to providing a good breakfast.

Main Menu

Sausage and Bacon


German Potato

Seaweed in Vinegar

Macaroni Salad

Grilled Salmon


Vegetable Stir-fry

Brown (Cane) Sugar Jelly

Rice (3 types)

Yushi Tofu

Shikuwasa (Citrus) Juice

Five Pledges

Five pledges, particularly in providing breakfast:
Aguni salt, brown sugar, natural broth, raw soy sauce and rice.
Natural, healthy and good quality seasonings are selected and used when cooking.
Please thoroughly enjoy the rice, which is Koshihkari, fresh from Saga.

The appearance of calm and tranquility of a Gassho-zukuri (traditional house style structure with a sloping roof)

Breakfast is served in the gassho-style (sloped roof) Taira pavilion. There are counter-tops, tables and private rooms available; convenient for those guests traveling alone, with family or in a group.